Terms and Conditions of Business (T&C) - Happy Man And Van Ltd.

Updated 11 January 2021

All Bookings with Happy Man and Van Ltd., are subject to these Terms and Conditions of Business which by booking with Happy Man and Van Ltd., is acceptance of these terms of Business.

Introduction to our charges:
At Happy Man and Van Ltd., our charges are always associated with our actual costs. We want you to be one of our many Happy Customers! – and we look forward to helping you move home, time and time again, for many years. 

We are happy to provide all our Customers with an Accurate Estimate for your house move.

Our estimate is our best estimation of the costs involved. To provide the most reasonable estimate possible, we will need a list of all the items that are to be moved. 

Large items such as wardrobes, and beds, often need to be dismantled and reassembled at the new home address. Whilst we are happy to undertake this for you on moving day, there is of course extra work, and costs, we will illustrate these extra costs in our estimate if you ask us to do this for you.

We do take the utmost care when dismantling furniture, but this is at your own risk.    

Fixed Prices Estimates
Our fixed price Estimates, only include the list of items declared and supplied by our Customer, and agreed at the time of producing the estimate. Although we are happy to move additional items for you on moving day, these will be chargeable as extra costs to the estimated price.

Hourly Rate Estimates
We are of course happy to provide you with a variable estimate. This will include an hourly agreed rate for our expert team of removers. In addition to this, we do incur travelling costs for our big vans, and the mileage rate will be appropriate to the time and areas involved. 

We understand that moving dates sometimes need to change, and we always try to accommodate this unavoidable situation. However, if you need to make changes, we do ask that you inform us immediately. If you cancel within 24 hours of the booking date, we reserve our right to charge £90.00 or your deposit whichever is the greater. 

Payments and Gratuities:
We appreciate any tips given to our dedicated drivers or porters and guarantee that they are always shared 100% between the driver and driver’s assistants.

Due to Covid 19, we are unable to accept cash at any time. For our customers and staff safety. Please only make payments by card over the telephone, or through our website using the secure payments page. Any tips will be forwarded to our staff through the payroll system. Of course, a gratuity is non-refundable.

Valuable Items
Any individual item over the value of £500 must be declared to us in writing by email or text message, otherwise, Happy Man and Van Ltd. Goods in Transit Risk are limited to the replacement value, as determined by an average value we can obtain a replacement of the lost or damaged goods. In any event, Happy Man and Van Ltd. Limit its liability to the amount payable through its Insurers.

Payment Terms
Payment is due immediately upon the satisfactory completion of your move.
We are happy to accept Visa, MasterCard & PayPal. A deposit of 50% is normally required 24 hours before your move, and Bank Transfer is accepted. All these terms and conditions apply to all Customer Bookings always without exception. Acceptance of an order is acceptance of these Terms and Conditions as stated herein. Cash is not accepted at this time due to Covid 19

Breakages and Damages
Packing is undertaken on the understanding that no responsibility, or liability, is accepted for breakages during loading, transport, or unloading. We always take the utmost care, and attention to your possessions as if they were our own. What’s more, we always recommend that fragile items are bubble wrapped, and then placed in a strong box if possible, and sealed securely. It is a fact that all vans have harder suspension than family cars, and therefore loose crockery or china will be damaged unless packed properly. All Furniture should be protected again by suitable covers, and these are easily available online. Failure to do this cannot be compensated for. We always try and help our customers, and should you wish to start a formal complaints procedure within 24 hours of your removal day only, then please print our Complaints_Form.pdf and post it to our Registered Offices.

Contact your existing Insurers

You are advised to check with your existing home Insurance Company as some 81% of Insurers in the UK, do already include cover for your furniture, and other possessions. Those that do not include moving cover, do often offer a low-cost extra cover to your existing Policy, (typically £30 or so) so that you are covered during the time that your things leave your old home, during transit, and onwards to your move into your new home.

For your convenience, a separate Insurance Policy can often be obtained online at the following link: