How to move safely...

Man in a Van

.Preparation before moving day.

It is so important to get prepared in advance of your moving day. First of all, our porters can dismantle your furniture for you, and re-assemble it at your new home. Please advise us in advance of your moving day, so that we can allow the time to undertake this for you. Beds, and wardrobes for example will need to be dismantled if they are not likely to be able to be moved by two porters easily. This is particularly important if furniture has to be removed down a flight of stairs. Often wardrobes were assembled in the bedroom, and will not be manoeuvrable around stair landings, so will need to be dismantled in advance.

Small items
We all have numerous small items to pack and move. To make your moving day go smoothly, please ask us to supply boxes, so that small items can be packed safely for transporting to your new hoe.

Cookers will need a qualified electrician to disconnect and reconnect the electricity or gas, and as they are often quite busy these days, you will need to book these services as early as possible prior to moving day. 

To protect our porters, and indeed yourself as our valued Customers, all small items will need to be boxed in clean boxes, and sealed with tape. Remember to disinfect all items upon completion of your packing tasks. Our porters will use hand sanitizer upon arrival to your home, and of course again upon completion of loading the van.

You should obtain mattress covers for all mattresses so they will be protected, and can easily be wiped clean with household cleaning products, making them safe for removal. All small items need to be placed in suitable boxes and avoiding the need for porters to handle numerous small items.  

Before Moving Day
We are happy to provide you with an estimate of the cost of your move. You can supply us with a text message or email list of all the main items in your home that will be moved. Alternatively, you might prefer to make a video using your mobile device. Once this is received we can email you or your landlord an emailed estimate on your behalf. This modern method avoids the need for a personal visit, prior to your moving day. 

Moving day
If you should become unwell on moving day, you must inform Happy Man and Van Ltd. so that a new and safe moving date can be arranged. It is vital that you do not allow the moving day to continue, under these circumstances, as it could cost lives.

To minimize any risk of infections, we will expect only one person to be present on moving day, (and be wearing a face mask) There must not be any other persons present in the property, whether they are friends or family or tradesmen. The person present will be the key holder and should occupy only one room in the property, or sit out in the garden, weather permitting, during moving day in order to ensure the property you are leaving is locked up safely. Remember do not hand keys to our porters. When you hand the keys to the new owner/tenant, please also clean the keys with household cleaning products first, or if not available use hand sanitizer to protect your new occupant.

If our porters should think that someone in the property is unwell, they will withdraw from the move without any liability to Happy Man and Van Ltd.

Although it is very much appreciated, please do not provide refreshments to any of our porters, but do provide if possible hand washing facilities and paper towels, so porters can maintain Covid 19 Safety at all times during your moving day.

Our crew carries paper towels if you don’t have any.

Do not make any cash payments to Happy Man and Van Ltd. Payment for the agreed cost of your move can be made by our mobile app, which does not include any contacts, and is able to accept secure payments, using Credit or Debit Cards.

Please make sure all doors and windows are open to assist with ventilation.