Planning your move

Your moving date has finally arrived and when you look round your house you wonder where to start with packing. Just look on the bright side, this could be a time to de-clutter and find treasures you haven’t seen in ages.

First, order your boxes from Happy Man And Van.

Starting in one room decide the items you will not need until you move into your new house.


Box up all small items, making sure anything breakable is wrapped in bubble wrap and placed securely in the box.

Make sure you label the box with either the room name or list of items.

This way, things will be easier found in your new house.

Pack all spare bedding and clothes in bags or suitcaes.

Make a list of all food you will need before you move. This way your fridge/freezer can be empty on the day.

Make a list of essentials you will need on the day; kettle, cups, biscuits, etc. It’s always nice to offer a cuppa to your Happy Removal Men.

Dismantle any items that maybe won’t go through the door in one piece. (Don’t worry if you can’t do this, as our men are a dab hand at DIY!

Also if you have young children or pets ask a friend or family member to have them for the day.

Last but not least, please remember we are here to help you make your move a stress free day. If you need any help before your move, just pick up the phone or email us. 01908 766 596 mobile 07922 983 551 or email

After moving, there is always dust and rubbish laying around, so don’t forget to give you old house a good clean for the new people coming in. After all, hopefully your new house will be sparkling when you enter the door!

If time is difficult, we can always organise help here too. For a small extra cost, our team of experienced cleaners will do this for you.